UK: The SEO today has a ” snowball “

Web optimization for search engines or “SEO” means designing a web and marketing strategy to get quality traffic on your website.

SEO is changing because Google and the other search engines are changing.

It seems that for a few years the most important search engine is becoming more and more social , so all those strategies that in the past powered the SEO of a web page are becoming increasingly irrelevant and neutral.

Have many domains that point to the same page, use a myriad of keywords, repeat them many times, meta descriptions, titles, have many pages with a lot of content that repeats itself … everything that belongs to the SEO of the past no longer counts.

The motto is: search engines know everything about your website, do not try to fool them!

It counts the content and the quality of the contents. If content engages and offers added value to the user’s search criteria, then it is easier for it to be shared on social networks .

Today a web page to position itself needs a good design and good content that speaks clearly and motivates users by providing important information about the topic that the website is about.
That is, you have to make the keywords reflect the content, you have to make the titles are clear and explain well the topic of the blog, post or website.
In short, you have to think more about the readers and less on the search engines. You have to please the readers more and try not to confuse them, this way the search engines will mark the content as relevant and more users will be able to access it.


The SEO today has a ” snowball

This happens for example when a blogger becomes very famous. Once the popularity is very difficult to lose its reputation, on the contrary, thanks to social networks some of them are transformed into authentic influencers , ie people capable of influencing a large number of users with a single article or an opinion Specific topic.
It is a hardly measurable social impact in terms of business and profits (although we have tools too advanced to do so), but super important to generate information and opinions on a particular business or brand.

Structuring good content and disseminating them in the network rewards, this is true, but at the same time you have to be able to maintain the trajectory of the “ball”. That is, a few quality posts are not enough, readers should be given continuity , innovation and above all be up to date on the relevant topics of the sector of reference, be informed about the news, participate to the events. In short, we must maintain the quality of the content and know how to back it up with marketing actions that amplify its visibility.

There is a change going on and it has a lot to do with the target of marketing actions. It is no longer as important to reach as many users as possible. What is fundamental is to put good content at your disposal and once you have achieved some visibility, you have to keep up the trajectory with creativity and innovation through a well-planned digital marketing strategy.

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