Sea kayak in Ajaccio, the Europe coast to nature!

My personal desire today is to discover activities until then unrecognized. I admit: I like the feeling of going to the unexplored! Because new horizons encourage knowledge of places, and more importantly, allow me to meet rewarding people during this personal journey called “life”. That ‘s how I found myself doing sea ​​kayaking on the cozy and majestic coast of Ajaccio in Corsica . A new sport for me, a sublime place and people who have imprinted memories indelible during my trip to the island of beauty.

Sea kayak on the coast of Ajaccio

Sea kayaking for the first time

The trip through the tourist office of Ajaccio has had charming and unexpected results.Upon arriving at the reception, we recognized the smiling faces of those responsible for the tourist promotion of the city. We had met a few months ago at the travel bloggers’ fair in Cannes , it was love at first sight! I could not wait to go through Ajaccio and discover the secrets of Corsica and its inhabitants. We had promised to meet again soon, and here we are together under the sun of Ajaccio. Among the activities proposed to discover the city, the kayak of sea excited me. What better way to enjoy Ajaccio naturally from the sea? The decision was taken without hesitation, the next morning we would throw ourselves into the Europe sea on a kayak. For the first time I was going to live thoroughly the adventure on a sea kayak, a foreign sport for me but promising in emotions.

Very motivated by what awaited me, I went for a walk in the streets of this delightful and Napoleonic city. I will succumb to the delights of the Europe gastronomy in the  restaurant 20123, a typical (and atypical) place of Ajaccio where one eats well to his hunger (and a little more).

The next morning we leave the hotel to deliver to the sea. At the bus stop we meet Blandine and Manu (, a couple of bloggers who would now be the perfect accomplices of this little sporting adventure!

Monument to the dead bounds of the sacred land Ajaccio

10 minutes later we arrive on the “beach of the sacred land”, our starting point in sea kayak. The name of the beach could only augur good things. I will not deceive myself! The monitor corsica outdoor approaches to present and put us in confidence. His name is Rémi, a sacred character with overflowing energy and good humor.

The instructions are quite simple but you have to embark on the sea with respect.

The neoprene suits and the waistcoats put on, we put into practice the advice of Rémi to make the most of the delights of the Mediterranean.

Sea kayaking in Ajaccio in CorsicaThe kayak, the beach and the sea in Ajaccio in Corsica

The nature of the Ajaccio coast seen from a kayak

One of the things that most marked me on the island of Corsica is its ”  naturalness “. This almost wild side that gives the Island of Beauty a bucolic coastal landscape.

The start was hectic and I only thought to avoid the fall of the kayak. I did not want to be in the water at 9am in a cool month of May. Once the balance was found on the craft, you had only to glide smoothly over the calm and silent sea. Trust came back as we paddled, just after circling for a few minutes (of course).

Remi the monitor followed us closely and told us about the natural assets of the place. I reassure you there is nothing too hard in the sea ​​kayak . We walked along the beach while enjoying the natural and spectacular views of the coast.

Coast and beach of Ajaccio in Corsica

The sea is so crystalline that the sun and the sea floor play to produce colors, green and blue tones hypnotic.

The Tower of La Parata and the Bloody Islands

In the distance, the bloody islands and a mysterious tower stood out like a mirage. It sounds like our goal to reach! At that time I felt the benefits of sport and those of nature acting on my mind. This relief to remove unnecessary loads of thought and float in a soothing and refreshing universe. This is what I seek during my travels, and I was in the clouds but on the sea.

Tour of the Parata – Ajaccio in Corsica

The journey took place in peace and good humor. Until our sea kayak rebels and turns without warning! Nothing serious ! Just a moment of extreme sudden freshness to remind us that it is the sea that commands …

Then we arrived at destination, just opposite the Genoa tower of Parata . The moment to discover a well-known landscape of Ajaccio with this imposing construction in the maquis. From the Tower of the Parata it is possible to contemplate without effort the islands sanguinaires . The latter emerge from the sea forming an exceptional and contrasted setting between the red rock and the blue sea. An austere and hostile nature make the beauty of the sanguinary islands.

The bloody islands and the tip and tower of the Parata

The bloody islands:

From the tower of the Parata one can appreciate the four sanguinary islands:

After this time of contemplation we take the return with a big smile drawn on the face. This trip by sea kayak offered us an unparalleled moment on the coast of Ajaccio. Between camaraderie, sport and nature; We return to the city of Ajaccio to continue exploring this characteristic Europe, greedy and so endearing.


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