How to choose the best European tub faucet?

There are many types of tub taps in a wide range of designs, finishes, styles and prices. The best bathtub faucet will fit the needs of your bathroom and fit into your budget. Although you can find many different styles of taps, the functional design you have chosen will be determined by the type of tub in your bathroom.

Tubs come in three basic designs: shower and bathtub, whirlpool and are alone. The combination of shower and bathtub usually requires a bathtub faucet and a shower. A mounting table, sometimes called a Roman mount, the faucet is usually used with whirlpool. Stand alone tubs usually use floor or ceiling mounted accessories.

If you have a combination tub and shower, tub or standing tub alone, you can choose a dual handle or single handle faucet. You can also consider a European faucet, which includes a shower head with a hose, in addition to the fixed faucet. European faucets are usually more expensive, but the shower hose increases the functionality of the device. If it is not structurally possible to install a Rainfall Shower Heads, and there is no other bathroom with shower in the house, a European faucet could be your best choice.

Once you have decided what type of faucet design you need, based on the tub, and if you want to have a handle or two, consider the style and finish of the faucet you wish to have in your bathroom. Tub faucets can be contemporary, traditional, rustic, old-fashioned, or something in between. Note that the type of faucet will affect the flow of water. Some faucets are designed to create a beautiful, cascade type flow. If possible, check the tap in stock before buying.

Choose a finish that matches the theme of your overall decor. For example, a bathtub faucet with a minimalist and modern design looks elegant in chrome and bronze gives a rustic country house style faucet. If you did not choose identical faucets for the sink and tub, you match the finishes to maintain a cohesive bathroom design.

There are a variety of price ranges for faucets, and there are many attractive designs available at reasonable prices, but more personalized styles are generally more expensive. Floor and ceiling mount taps usually cost more because they require more material. They also require a special installation that will increase the total cost of the item.

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