Euro’s Mustard to taste with food processor

Surely you have gone to a restaurant and tried a delicious sauce that you had not eaten before. Or have you thought of surprising friends and family by preparing some accompaniment that leaves them with their mouths open. Some sauces can not be bought at the supermarket, but you can prepare them yourself , easily and without leaving the house.

If you are looking for a sauce that gives the final touch of flavor that your dish needs and that, in addition, combines perfectly with most recipes, do not miss our mustard sauces. Today at Bosch we have prepared  seven delicious homemade mustard sauces for our favorite dishes. They are ideal to accompany barbecues, grilled meats, and even fish and pasta. The best of them? They can be served as hot or cold accompaniment .

To make the mustard sauces you can use various appliances such as blenders or  small food processor reviews, which allow you to chop the ingredients with their multiple accessories. It is also the case, for example, of the MUM5 kitchen robots that you could see in the latest edition of MasterChef with its mincer and grater discs from its mini-food processor.

However, this time we used Bosch MultiTalent food processor , which allows us to cook a wide variety of recipes: from juices, smoothies and smoothies to sorbets, purees or even biscuits. In addition, its blade in the form of wave and its beating rod get professional results.

Use the food processor you use, you’re sure to become a real host by preparing these mustard sauces. Take note and flavor your dishes!

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