Dermal fillings Fair, to look like a quince skin

Each day new favorable alternatives are presented so that the woman can exhibit a young face free of wrinkles and one of them are the dermal fillers near me, one of the most recent advances in aesthetic medicine.

These work more effectively the furrows that are forming in the face, because of the aging chronological or photo-aging. Dr. Natalie Díaz, a beautician, assures us that through this technique the most pronounced nasogenian folds that form in the face disappear quickly, recovering the person a better appearance.

And, explained that during the aging process the muscles of the face are losing strength, appearing the most pronounced dark circles, a problem that is corrected by applying fill to lift a little and give the face a more youthful appearance.

He assured that after botox perhaps this technique is one of the most significant advances in this area of ​​medicine, precisely because it combines the “quick effects” with the permanence in time ??.

He said that in the area there are two kinds of fillings that are permanent or non-resorbable and resorbable or temporary, the latter have the advantage that their duration varies depending on the material used in their application. Temporary resorbable fillers, as explained by Dr. Díaz, offer more security, both to the patient and the doctor, but with the disadvantage that they have to be reapplied every so often.

He emphasized that they can be placed as fillings on the lips aged by age and in those fine by birth, as well as in other parts of the body.

He said that in these types of fillings there are other subdivisions such as hyaluronic acid which is perhaps the most used by specialists with a duration of about nine months, depending on the area where it is applied.

Its versatility is that it comes in different densities to inject a little more deeply and others to the more superficial lines. Other modalities complete the group of these aesthetic auxiliaries and the permanence is of two years.

Dr. Natalie Díaz explained that resorbable or permanent fillers, however, are used more frequently in some forms of noses with good results. Regarding the eyelids stated that “there is a technique that involves applying a bit of filling at the inner commissure of the eyebrows to raise them a little, but really that is a surgeon’s own job,” he said.

With these advances, what do you leave to conventional surgery? Aesthetic medicine has not come to supplant plastic surgery, we both help each other, there will always be markets for both options ?? answered.

He added that the role of aesthetic medicine is to delay the passage of the surgery a little, correcting the defects with the fillings and moisturizing the skin with the application of mesoplasia, mesobotox or facial mesotherapy.

“We work together with the operating room, we are not enemies or anything that resembles,” he said. The specialist dismissed any problem that may arise with the application of this technique, because as it is reabsorbible any inconvenience is resolved without any complications.


Dr. Natalie Díaz entered the University of the Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where she graduated in a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine.

He worked at the Medical Center of Dr. Tarrazo, in Madrid, also in Barcelona and currently works for the Vip Clinic Aesthetic Clinic.

The professional gave a lecture on Dermal Fillings: Solution of Wrinkles, at the Vest Beauty Fair, an event held last week at the Jaragua Hotel, with the participation of different companies and institutions related to beauty.

About the fair

At the fair closed last Sunday the audience enjoyed three days of stylist shows, makeup, exhibitions of Latin Mix, Yoga, Pilates and Hue Min Chi. Also of talks and conferences with recognized professionals specialized in different areas.

At the beauty fair, fashion shows were also presented with the designers: Giannina Azar, Jorge Diep, Luis Menieur and Beliza.

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