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Online payment: Europe investigation

The European Commission says it has finally closed its investigations into the risks of agreement and abuse of a dominant position in the online payment industry. The body dedicated to this segment will nevertheless continue to monitor this activity.

In September 2011, Europe was in charge of conducting a Opinion Outpost Review survey on standardization work in the online payment market. The objective of the Community bodies was to determine whether the companies in the sector had put in place strategies to create agreements on this particular segment.

The European Commission was also asking whether these methods could lead to the exclusion of new entrants to the market. After carrying out these investigations, it indicated that it had closed its investigation, which was also pushed by the complainant, to Sofort, which finally withdrew its application.

Europe is motivated by the fact that the standardization work carried out by the European Payments Council (EPC) has been finalized. As a reminder, this entity bringing together European banks and their federations is responsible for supporting the work of standardization in this area.

The Community authorities will nevertheless continue to closely monitor the sector in order to allow a new entrant to offer its own services.

How to choose the best European tub faucet?

There are many types of tub taps in a wide range of designs, finishes, styles and prices. The best bathtub faucet will fit the needs of your bathroom and fit into your budget. Although you can find many different styles of taps, the functional design you have chosen will be determined by the type of tub in your bathroom.

Tubs come in three basic designs: shower and bathtub, whirlpool and are alone. The combination of shower and bathtub usually requires a bathtub faucet and a shower. A mounting table, sometimes called a Roman mount, the faucet is usually used with whirlpool. Stand alone tubs usually use floor or ceiling mounted accessories.

If you have a combination tub and shower, tub or standing tub alone, you can choose a dual handle or single handle faucet. You can also consider a European faucet, which includes a shower head with a hose, in addition to the fixed faucet. European faucets are usually more expensive, but the shower hose increases the functionality of the device. If it is not structurally possible to install a Rainfall Shower Heads, and there is no other bathroom with shower in the house, a European faucet could be your best choice.

Once you have decided what type of faucet design you need, based on the tub, and if you want to have a handle or two, consider the style and finish of the faucet you wish to have in your bathroom. Tub faucets can be contemporary, traditional, rustic, old-fashioned, or something in between. Note that the type of faucet will affect the flow of water. Some faucets are designed to create a beautiful, cascade type flow. If possible, check the tap in stock before buying.

Choose a finish that matches the theme of your overall decor. For example, a bathtub faucet with a minimalist and modern design looks elegant in chrome and bronze gives a rustic country house style faucet. If you did not choose identical faucets for the sink and tub, you match the finishes to maintain a cohesive bathroom design.

There are a variety of price ranges for faucets, and there are many attractive designs available at reasonable prices, but more personalized styles are generally more expensive. Floor and ceiling mount taps usually cost more because they require more material. They also require a special installation that will increase the total cost of the item.

Euro’s Mustard to taste with food processor

Surely you have gone to a restaurant and tried a delicious sauce that you had not eaten before. Or have you thought of surprising friends and family by preparing some accompaniment that leaves them with their mouths open. Some sauces can not be bought at the supermarket, but you can prepare them yourself , easily and without leaving the house.

If you are looking for a sauce that gives the final touch of flavor that your dish needs and that, in addition, combines perfectly with most recipes, do not miss our mustard sauces. Today at Bosch we have prepared  seven delicious homemade mustard sauces for our favorite dishes. They are ideal to accompany barbecues, grilled meats, and even fish and pasta. The best of them? They can be served as hot or cold accompaniment .

To make the mustard sauces you can use various appliances such as blenders or  small food processor reviews, which allow you to chop the ingredients with their multiple accessories. It is also the case, for example, of the MUM5 kitchen robots that you could see in the latest edition of MasterChef with its mincer and grater discs from its mini-food processor.

However, this time we used Bosch MultiTalent food processor , which allows us to cook a wide variety of recipes: from juices, smoothies and smoothies to sorbets, purees or even biscuits. In addition, its blade in the form of wave and its beating rod get professional results.

Use the food processor you use, you’re sure to become a real host by preparing these mustard sauces. Take note and flavor your dishes!

Dermal fillings Fair, to look like a quince skin

Each day new favorable alternatives are presented so that the woman can exhibit a young face free of wrinkles and one of them are the dermal fillers near me, one of the most recent advances in aesthetic medicine.

These work more effectively the furrows that are forming in the face, because of the aging chronological or photo-aging. Dr. Natalie Díaz, a beautician, assures us that through this technique the most pronounced nasogenian folds that form in the face disappear quickly, recovering the person a better appearance.

And, explained that during the aging process the muscles of the face are losing strength, appearing the most pronounced dark circles, a problem that is corrected by applying fill to lift a little and give the face a more youthful appearance.

He assured that after botox perhaps this technique is one of the most significant advances in this area of ​​medicine, precisely because it combines the “quick effects” with the permanence in time ??.

He said that in the area there are two kinds of fillings that are permanent or non-resorbable and resorbable or temporary, the latter have the advantage that their duration varies depending on the material used in their application. Temporary resorbable fillers, as explained by Dr. Díaz, offer more security, both to the patient and the doctor, but with the disadvantage that they have to be reapplied every so often.

He emphasized that they can be placed as fillings on the lips aged by age and in those fine by birth, as well as in other parts of the body.

He said that in these types of fillings there are other subdivisions such as hyaluronic acid which is perhaps the most used by specialists with a duration of about nine months, depending on the area where it is applied.

Its versatility is that it comes in different densities to inject a little more deeply and others to the more superficial lines. Other modalities complete the group of these aesthetic auxiliaries and the permanence is of two years.

Dr. Natalie Díaz explained that resorbable or permanent fillers, however, are used more frequently in some forms of noses with good results. Regarding the eyelids stated that “there is a technique that involves applying a bit of filling at the inner commissure of the eyebrows to raise them a little, but really that is a surgeon’s own job,” he said.

With these advances, what do you leave to conventional surgery? Aesthetic medicine has not come to supplant plastic surgery, we both help each other, there will always be markets for both options ?? answered.

He added that the role of aesthetic medicine is to delay the passage of the surgery a little, correcting the defects with the fillings and moisturizing the skin with the application of mesoplasia, mesobotox or facial mesotherapy.

“We work together with the operating room, we are not enemies or anything that resembles,” he said. The specialist dismissed any problem that may arise with the application of this technique, because as it is reabsorbible any inconvenience is resolved without any complications.


Dr. Natalie Díaz entered the University of the Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where she graduated in a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine.

He worked at the Medical Center of Dr. Tarrazo, in Madrid, also in Barcelona and currently works for the Vip Clinic Aesthetic Clinic.

The professional gave a lecture on Dermal Fillings: Solution of Wrinkles, at the Vest Beauty Fair, an event held last week at the Jaragua Hotel, with the participation of different companies and institutions related to beauty.

About the fair

At the fair closed last Sunday the audience enjoyed three days of stylist shows, makeup, exhibitions of Latin Mix, Yoga, Pilates and Hue Min Chi. Also of talks and conferences with recognized professionals specialized in different areas.

At the beauty fair, fashion shows were also presented with the designers: Giannina Azar, Jorge Diep, Luis Menieur and Beliza.

Decoration in bathrooms and latest trends in UK

Bathrooms are one of the most important places in the house, where we are going to spend a certain part of our time. That is why, now we are presented with a wide variety of decorative styles to create the perfect bathroom that we have always wanted.

If you want to reform it but still do not know how you can do it, we give you some keys:

Everything you need to know about latest trends in bathroom decoration

Options we have

Color is a fundamental factor, as it will be responsible for giving harmony to the space. However, the choice of color will be conditioned by two other factors that are the luminosity as well as the space that we have available.

Modern white furniture is a good choice for small bathrooms, as this color will make them look more spacious than they actually are. We can also choose colors like beige to achieve the same effect.

If we do not have space problems, then a good option would be to choose furniture in black, since they are aesthetic, elegant and create a decorative style of contrasts.

These are the other colors that we can contemplate using:

Blue: Used to express tranquility and freshness. It can complement very well with orange colors.

Green: For its part, the green is perfect to create spaces of peace, harmony, being able to complement with red, but with only certain details.

Yellow: Yellow is a color that is associated with warmth and abundance; Is a good choice for minimalist spaces, nothing pretentious.

Red: Finally, we have the red color that is considered the most daring without any doubt. It gives energy to the environment, dynamism, and, as we have already mentioned, combines well with green, but making one predominate over the other.

What material to choose to “dress” the bathroom?

As for the material to choose, we also have many options: marble is the element par excellence, providing a characteristic visual clarity, enhancing reduced spaces.

A good idea are the mosaics that have been built with natural stones, giving a fresher look.

One of the trends that triumph in today’s market is some of the best toilets for businesses , with a marked minimalist style, but fulfilling what is sought with a sink. A good space is also a solution for small bathrooms as it will give a false effect that is larger than it actually is.

Where can we find the latest trends in bathrooms?

A good idea is to make our comparisons online, being able to choose from a multitude of options and prices depending on the budget. Comparing, we can find very good offers and prices of hydro massage bathtubs that only with this purchase will already save you a few hundred euros.

If you want to give your bathroom the style it deserves, start by trying with some of the trends mentioned.

UK: The SEO today has a ” snowball “

Web optimization for search engines or “SEO” means designing a web and marketing strategy to get quality traffic on your website.

SEO is changing because Google and the other search engines are changing.

It seems that for a few years the most important search engine is becoming more and more social , so all those strategies that in the past powered the SEO of a web page are becoming increasingly irrelevant and neutral.

Have many domains that point to the same page, use a myriad of keywords, repeat them many times, meta descriptions, titles, have many pages with a lot of content that repeats itself … everything that belongs to the SEO of the past no longer counts.

The motto is: search engines know everything about your website, do not try to fool them!

It counts the content and the quality of the contents. If content engages and offers added value to the user’s search criteria, then it is easier for it to be shared on social networks .

Today a web page to position itself needs a good design and good content that speaks clearly and motivates users by providing important information about the topic that the website is about.
That is, you have to make the keywords reflect the content, you have to make the titles are clear and explain well the topic of the blog, post or website.
In short, you have to think more about the readers and less on the search engines. You have to please the readers more and try not to confuse them, this way the search engines will mark the content as relevant and more users will be able to access it.


The SEO today has a ” snowball

This happens for example when a blogger becomes very famous. Once the popularity is very difficult to lose its reputation, on the contrary, thanks to social networks some of them are transformed into authentic influencers , ie people capable of influencing a large number of users with a single article or an opinion Specific topic.
It is a hardly measurable social impact in terms of business and profits (although we have tools too advanced to do so), but super important to generate information and opinions on a particular business or brand.

Structuring good content and disseminating them in the network rewards, this is true, but at the same time you have to be able to maintain the trajectory of the “ball”. That is, a few quality posts are not enough, readers should be given continuity , innovation and above all be up to date on the relevant topics of the sector of reference, be informed about the news, participate to the events. In short, we must maintain the quality of the content and know how to back it up with marketing actions that amplify its visibility.

There is a change going on and it has a lot to do with the target of marketing actions. It is no longer as important to reach as many users as possible. What is fundamental is to put good content at your disposal and once you have achieved some visibility, you have to keep up the trajectory with creativity and innovation through a well-planned digital marketing strategy.

Visit gold coast seo for more details. Easy, right? (I.e.

Funeral Science Careers

The funeral industry and the field of mortuary science provides a stable form of employment that is largely immune to the general situation of the economy and the labor market. Major tasks in the industry include funeral director and embalmer. Funeral directors manage all aspects of caring for the deceased, including interaction with the deceased’s relatives, while the embalmer’s work focuses on the preparation of the body of the deceased.

Working with the deceased

Funeral workers learn the techniques and technology necessary to properly preserve and, in some cases, restore a body for burial. Embalming is a frequent method of caring for the deceased, which helps to delay the decomposition of the body and makes the corpse as presentable as possible for family members. Funeral directors work with various methods for the final treatment of the body, including burial and cremation. They supervise the journey of the remains to their final resting place and the handling of the body in the services to remember the deceased.

Working with the living

Although the deceased occupies a central place of honor and requires considerable care, funeral directors spend most of their time and energy working with relatives. They help plan all the funeral services and burial preparations, including the preparation of scenarios for services, and can provide support for tasks such as writing and sending obituary notes. They also work with representatives of churches and cemeteries to coordinate arrangements. In addition, funeral directors manage most of the formalities related to the deaths, such as the documents required to receive a death certificate.

Benefits and disadvantages

The firmness of the funeral sector in facing difficult economic times is one of its main advantages. In addition, the race provides an opportunity for workers to find an emotional reward for the importance of work. They offer comfort to the afflicted. If they do their work well, they can make the memory of the dead a moment of comfort for those who gather to cry. Work in the funeral sector often has prolonged or rare schedules, including work at nights and weekends when deaths occur. In addition, the daily approach to death can become an emotional challenge.

Education and training

Education and training requirements vary from list of top mortician schools to state for funeral workers, but in most states an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in mortuary science is required. Other requirements typically include learning. All funeral workers in the United States must pass a national exam and the corresponding state licensing exam, although some states allow new workers to complete their apprenticeship before taking the exams. Educational programs often include instruction in technical skills, such as preparing a body for burial. Mortuary science students also receive training in the death and burial customs of different cultures and in the psychology of death and pain, ensuring that they are prepared for a variety of cases as professionals.

Sea kayak in Ajaccio, the Europe coast to nature!

My personal desire today is to discover activities until then unrecognized. I admit: I like the feeling of going to the unexplored! Because new horizons encourage knowledge of places, and more importantly, allow me to meet rewarding people during this personal journey called “life”. That ‘s how I found myself doing sea ​​kayaking on the cozy and majestic coast of Ajaccio in Corsica . A new sport for me, a sublime place and people who have imprinted memories indelible during my trip to the island of beauty.

Sea kayak on the coast of Ajaccio

Sea kayaking for the first time

The trip through the tourist office of Ajaccio has had charming and unexpected results.Upon arriving at the reception, we recognized the smiling faces of those responsible for the tourist promotion of the city. We had met a few months ago at the travel bloggers’ fair in Cannes , it was love at first sight! I could not wait to go through Ajaccio and discover the secrets of Corsica and its inhabitants. We had promised to meet again soon, and here we are together under the sun of Ajaccio. Among the activities proposed to discover the city, the kayak of sea excited me. What better way to enjoy Ajaccio naturally from the sea? The decision was taken without hesitation, the next morning we would throw ourselves into the Europe sea on a kayak. For the first time I was going to live thoroughly the adventure on a sea kayak, a foreign sport for me but promising in emotions.

Very motivated by what awaited me, I went for a walk in the streets of this delightful and Napoleonic city. I will succumb to the delights of the Europe gastronomy in the  restaurant 20123, a typical (and atypical) place of Ajaccio where one eats well to his hunger (and a little more).

The next morning we leave the hotel to deliver to the sea. At the bus stop we meet Blandine and Manu (, a couple of bloggers who would now be the perfect accomplices of this little sporting adventure!

Monument to the dead bounds of the sacred land Ajaccio

10 minutes later we arrive on the “beach of the sacred land”, our starting point in sea kayak. The name of the beach could only augur good things. I will not deceive myself! The monitor corsica outdoor approaches to present and put us in confidence. His name is Rémi, a sacred character with overflowing energy and good humor.

The instructions are quite simple but you have to embark on the sea with respect.

The neoprene suits and the waistcoats put on, we put into practice the advice of Rémi to make the most of the delights of the Mediterranean.

Sea kayaking in Ajaccio in CorsicaThe kayak, the beach and the sea in Ajaccio in Corsica

The nature of the Ajaccio coast seen from a kayak

One of the things that most marked me on the island of Corsica is its ”  naturalness “. This almost wild side that gives the Island of Beauty a bucolic coastal landscape.

The start was hectic and I only thought to avoid the fall of the kayak. I did not want to be in the water at 9am in a cool month of May. Once the balance was found on the craft, you had only to glide smoothly over the calm and silent sea. Trust came back as we paddled, just after circling for a few minutes (of course).

Remi the monitor followed us closely and told us about the natural assets of the place. I reassure you there is nothing too hard in the sea ​​kayak . We walked along the beach while enjoying the natural and spectacular views of the coast.

Coast and beach of Ajaccio in Corsica

The sea is so crystalline that the sun and the sea floor play to produce colors, green and blue tones hypnotic.

The Tower of La Parata and the Bloody Islands

In the distance, the bloody islands and a mysterious tower stood out like a mirage. It sounds like our goal to reach! At that time I felt the benefits of sport and those of nature acting on my mind. This relief to remove unnecessary loads of thought and float in a soothing and refreshing universe. This is what I seek during my travels, and I was in the clouds but on the sea.

Tour of the Parata – Ajaccio in Corsica

The journey took place in peace and good humor. Until our sea kayak rebels and turns without warning! Nothing serious ! Just a moment of extreme sudden freshness to remind us that it is the sea that commands …

Then we arrived at destination, just opposite the Genoa tower of Parata . The moment to discover a well-known landscape of Ajaccio with this imposing construction in the maquis. From the Tower of the Parata it is possible to contemplate without effort the islands sanguinaires . The latter emerge from the sea forming an exceptional and contrasted setting between the red rock and the blue sea. An austere and hostile nature make the beauty of the sanguinary islands.

The bloody islands and the tip and tower of the Parata

The bloody islands:

From the tower of the Parata one can appreciate the four sanguinary islands:

After this time of contemplation we take the return with a big smile drawn on the face. This trip by sea kayak offered us an unparalleled moment on the coast of Ajaccio. Between camaraderie, sport and nature; We return to the city of Ajaccio to continue exploring this characteristic Europe, greedy and so endearing.


The 6 accounting principles that govern in Europe

The bookkeeper newcastle accounting principles are the essential rules which must be based accounting firms. In this article we will see the 6 accounting principles that govern in Europe according to the current General Accounting Plan and we will see what happens if a conflict arises between the different principles.

Importance of knowing the accounting principles for investors

Investors who follow the criteria of value investing attach great importance to accounting information when making our investment decisions. Therefore, it is important to know the principles on which companies are based in providing the accounting information they present to investors.

These accounting principles are mandatory for all companies present their financial statements according to the current General Accounting Plan in Europe.

Principle of business in operation

The General Accounting Plan explains the operating principle in the following way:

“Unless there is evidence to the contrary, the management of the enterprise shall continue to be foreseeable, so that the application of accounting principles and criteria is not intended to determine the value of net assets for the purpose of their global transfer or The resulting amount in the event of liquidation. ”

This principle is important for investors, since the liquidation value of a company in most cases will be different from the book value, so different modifications will have to be introduced to obtain the real value, either up or down To the bottom.

Accrual principle

The transactions or economic facts will be part of the accounting at the time they occur, not at the time of payment or collection.

This principle is important, since even if a company can have a large accounting benefit, it may not be very realistic if it does not charge. In fact, it is not trivial the number of companies that, despite having accounting benefits, end up in competition of creditors because of clients who do not pay their debts.

Principle of uniformity

Accounting legislation allows different criteria to be used to account for transactions or economic events. The principle of uniformity requires that the criteria selected can not be changed without more, but an analysis of the impact of the change in accounting criteria in the annual report of the report is required.

Principle of prudence

The principle of prudence requires that transactions or economic events should be accounted for prudently in the event of uncertainty. This implies that future benefits can not be accounted until the business is definitively perfected.

This principle also implies that the risks should be accounted for in the annual accounts, either in the report, or that future losses are appropriated if risks are identified that could cause future losses.

Principle of non-compensation

Unless a rule expressly provides otherwise, the items of assets and liabilities or expenses and income can not be offset. In addition, the items included in the annual accounts shall be valued separately. This makes the accounting reflect the reality in a more extensive way than if there were no principle of non-compensation.

Principle of relative importance

The principle of relative importance speaks about the intensity with which these principles should be applied in different cases. The General Chart of Accounts determines that:

“Strict non-application of some of the accounting principles and criteria shall be permitted where the relative importance in quantitative or qualitative terms of the variation that such a development produces is scarcely significant and, consequently, does not alter the expression of the true image.”

That is to say, it softens the application of these principles in some cases as long as they do not alter the true image that must give the accounting of a company.

What happens in case of conflict between accounting principles?

As a closing rule, the General Accounting Plan offers us a solution for cases of conflict between different accounting principles. In this case, the accounting principle that best leads the annual accounts to express a true and fair view of the assets, financial position and results of the company must prevail.

The European Union will support the digitization of small cinemas

Culture ministers of the EU agreed on Thursday to finance the digitization of small cinemas , in order to avoid competition disappear before multiscreen complexes and promote the distribution of European productions.

European Culture holders have agreed on a text of conclusions described as “urgent and necessary” the transition to digital cinema and highlight the need for “public policies that support this change.”

The EU hopes the digital conversion to revitalize the European film industry, both at production and distribution as well as to ensure the maintenance of “rich cultural and linguistic diversity” of European films .

At the moment, from Brussels the creation of new financial instruments to support the digitization is discarded , so that countries which must pay for this process or make use of existing European aid, as suggested by the European Commission will be.

“I encourage Member States to make use of the Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for digitization , ” said European Commissioner for Culture, Androulla Vassiliou , at a news conference. Bitte Button anklicken and read more below:

Transition to avoid monopolies

Countries, meanwhile, “are studying whether new instruments would be needed or whether it could use existing for scanning , ” explained the Spanish Minister of Culture, Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde .

In Spain, “we are seeing how this funding can be faced, always of course in coordination with the autonomous communities,” the minister told the media.

Digitization contribute “to improve competitiveness and increase the circulation of European cinema , ” said Gonzalez-Sinde, who also noted that new technologies will serve to “increase and preserve and promote diversity in the audiovisual passage.”

The minister stressed the importance of the digital transition “does not involve the establishment of dominant movie monopolies that will dominate the other rooms due to lack of resources.”

Currently in the EU about 30,000 movie screens , of which only 15% has a digital projector, according to the EU executive, who noted the high cost of this technology as the main obstacle for installation in smaller rooms.

A digital cinema projector costs about 75,000 euros , which represents a significant investment for independent cinema halls or “author”.

Grants for European film champions

In the text approved today, the ministers propose to subsidize small cinemas that program “a considerable proportion” of European cinema, as well as cinemas located in “less populated” areas or where the cultural offer “is limited”.

In this sense, Gonzalez-Sinde stated that “there are undoubtedly small cities, where the exhibitor, the owner of the cinema, does not have the financial capacity to undertake a transformation as would have a large conglomerate of multisalas.”

The ministers also plan to give some kind of incentive to those small cinemas that are associated to share the costs of acquiring digital material.

In addition to the ERDF funds, countries undertake to explore other avenues of funding will normally not used for film and creating loans for scanning managed by the European Investment Bank .

Likewise, aid is suggested for the incorporation of new cinema technologies and rooms dedicated to the European film heritage.

In 2009, European cinemas raised 6,300 million euros , 12% more than the previous year, of which 27% were generated by films produced in the EU.

Although European cinema collects less than a third of total box office revenue, the number of films produced and distributed in the EU far exceeds that of non-EU productions.

According to the European Audiovisual Observatory in 2008 they were distributed in the EU 167 American films, compared to 726 produced in the Twenty – seven .

Olein, from the Commodore fryers to the European market

This is a project that began to develop in 2006 and this year saw its first fruits to realize his first olein export to Europe .

In charge of the Energy Center, the municipality of Comodoro Rivadavia, the Government of the province of Chubut and a group of private companies, the initiative is to produce olein by recycling the oil that was used to prepare meals in restaurants, hotels and Confectionery shops in the city. For this, the private company Supply – whose holder is Sebastián Jelusic – signed an agreement with the Hotel Gastronomic Chamber of Comodoro Rivadavia in order to collect the oils for cooking that are discarded once used.

In this way, the company will deliver to hotels and food houses containers of 50 liters to dispose the oils that are able to become biofuel. Every fifteen days the collection is carried out for recycling and subsequent designation of the resulting product.

The Hotel Gastronomic Chamber of Comodoro reported that, to date, there are 14 establishments participating in the recycling of oil: “La Tradición” (production of approximately 70 liters, “Austral Hotel” (100), “Lucania Palazzo Hotel” , “Molly Malone Café Pub” (20), “Hotty’s” (100), “Puerto Miter Pizza Bar” (30), “Blue Hotel” (1/2), “Comodoro Hotel” Peperoni “(40),” De Tapas Restaurante “(15),” Coliseo Resto Bar “(80),” He Multiespacio “(30),” Mix Open Bar “(3),” Jazz Multiespacio “(30 liters).

For Sebastián Jelusic, owner of Supply, the restaurants and confectioneries that participate in the oil collection project used solve the problem of finding an appropriate place to pour the residue.

“We start from the fact that it is a waste that should have a controlled disposal, although we know that in most cases it is stored in drums that will have as purpose the municipal landfill or are discharged to the sewer. It is proven that a liter of oil can contaminate up to 1,000 liters of drinking water, “said the businessman.

As an example, if the population of Comodoro Rivadavia coordinated actions and put together a liter of oil, it could be collected around 20,000 liters per month, Aquí encuentras todo la informacion.

The project is divided according to the raw materials used, the recovered oil and kitchen which comes from the cultivation of rapeseed , the company Supply is especially concerned, while from microalgae and manufacture of machines, Is Marcelo Machín, manager of biofuels Chubut.


Olein is the raw material for biofuel. The oil is placed in reactors where a physical-chemical process occurs. Through a complex process 90% biodiesel is obtained on the one hand and 10% glycerin, a by-product that has direct application in the industry.

In that sense, Jelusic explained that approximately 90% of cooking oil involved in the process is converted into biodiesel. This means that it is of high efficiency.

The process of conversion takes place in the plant of the Energy Center in Km. 4, there every 15 days the drums arrive with the oil provided by the hotels and food houses of the city.

It is important to clarify that only oils of vegetable origin and animal fats can be used, since those of mineral origin or petroleum derivatives would not be compatible to become biofuels.


Any diesel vehicle would be able to run on 100% biofuel. But for a matter of production and availability, so far it is best to break it with traditional diesel.
In the local market are not yet given the technological and investment conditions to put this fuel into operation. Therefore, the European market was the target of the first export of acid oleins. This fuel is used in Spain for energy-generating groups, which are in turn suppliers of the energy lines of the Spanish State.

“The export of olein to Spain is a process that has just begun and, if it has good acceptance, it should continue. The foreign market is always more attractive than the domestic market, “it was reported.

Since January, Europe has an obligation to have 5% biofuel in traditional fuels; Similar to the law that in 2010 will be implemented in Argentina.

New export

The first to embark to Spain – carried out last 9 April – opens the door to new opportunities for the region.

Marcelo Machín, responsible for Biofuels Chubut, is responsible for the manufacture and marketing of biofuel machines.

The machines are traded in the external market according to the production capacity; A small, set up, installed and with people qualified to operate it, has a reference value that starts from the $ 20,000.

As a next step, this week the first export of a machine biodiesel company Sodexho, will be implemented Peru , with great potential to continue the business relationship.

Spain is the country of Europe that uses more time in the cleaning of the home

Spain leads the ranking of the European countries that spend more time cleaning their homes. This was revealed by the latest study we have developed, with a sample of 5,000 people from 5 European countries  [1] , it shows that on average, the Spaniards spend 2 hours and 56 minutes weekly cleaning with steam mop of your home .


This figure is higher than the European average, which stands at 2 hours and 26 minutes can represent more than one year in the life of people, 383 days [2] in the case of the Spaniards.


The report also ranks second in Germany with 2 hours and 32 minutes and third place in the UK with 2 hours and 3 minutes. The French, for example, dedicate one hour less to household chores than Spaniards: 1 hour and 57 minutes.

Despite being the country that more time devoted to household cleaning, since 44% of Spaniards spend more than three hours the hygiene of their homes behavior shows significant gender differences . While more than half-53% of Spanish women spend more than three hours a week cleaning, only 35% of men spend the same time. In addition, 11% of Spanish men do not take a minute to perform the household tasks, while this percentage drops to 2% in the case of women.

By age , Spanish men between 18 and 24 years use one hour 49 minutes per week to mop cleaning their homes, while women spend an average of 2 hours 21 minutes at these tasks. This difference increases as the age grows. Between the ages of 55 and 64, Spanish men had 2 hours 49 minutes cleaning and women 3 hours 36 minutes. Of all the vital strips, the interval that is most concerned with domestic activities is that which comprises citizens between 45 and 54 years of age.

Half of European women and 39% of Spanish women prefer that their partner do no homework

Asked what domestic activities they prefer to let their partner do, 36% of Spanish women responded that they prefer not to leave any homework to their partner. However, this percentage is lower than the European average. Practically half-forty-eight percent of the women of the old continent prefer to steam mop clean their homes themselves. 59% of English women do not leave any work to their partner, nor half of the Germans, 56% of the French and 42% of the Italians.

On the other hand, questioned by the same question, half of the Spanish men responded that they prefer to let their partner iron. A trend that is also observed throughout the European continent, where this option reaches a percentage of 48%. For its part, if you have to choose a task, 37% of Spanish women prefer to have their partner put or empty the dishwasher.

When it comes to cooking, 40% of men prefer to let their partner cook – a percentage similar to the European average – while 28% of women prefer that their partners are engaged in it.


The reasons for thorough cleaning

On the reasons why they do a thorough cleaning of their houses, 21% of Europeans get to work on a parental visit. Similarly, 17% of European respondents have also been motivated to clean up for a date of love.

In Spain these interests are practically equivalent to those of the European average: 20% clean for a paternal visit and 20% do the domestic activities preparing the visit of their partners. This trend is accentuated in men, since 30% are engaged in housework “by their partners”, while only 10% of women do it for the same reason. For 22% of Spanish women, the most important motivation for picking up the broom is the paternal visit, while the same is true for 19% of men.


Identify washing symbols

According to the report, one out of ten Spaniards are unable to identify the symbol “wash at 40 degrees” and an even higher proportion, 12%, does not recognize her clothes labels marked “hand wash”. The symbol of dry washing is the pending subject of both sexes: 83% of the respondents were wrong to identify it. Also, half of the women did not identify the symbol of not using bleach, nor also 71% of the men.

For this reason, we can say that one of the main conclusions of the study is that Europeans devote a large part of their lives to domestic tasks.

Nobody wants to spend time cleaning or laundry, because of that, one of our goals is to develop appliances that make the most efficient cleaning and, if possible, funny.  For example, Panasonic’s range of washers and dryers are equipped with time-saving features such as Eco Speed ​​mode and Steam Action, as well as state-of-the-art steam technology that provides fresh, wrinkle-free clothing with the push of a button, steam mops , So no one has to worry about ruining their partner’s favorite clothes!


In addition, our  washing machines have advanced technology steam iron that reduces wrinkles and by extension, the ironing time. They also have a high pressure steam action that allows deodorizing the clothes without having to resort to a complete washing cycle. Also, if you need a complete wash, the speed mode can be increased and reduce the wash cycle by 40%, for those who have a busy life.

In this sense, the new investment technology equipped with 3D sensors detects the size of any load, altering its speed and movement to better manage the amount of energy and water used. For its part, Panasonic’s range also features a unique design of a silent arc to reduce noise and vibrations.

Aerodynamic and lightweight, steam irons Panasonic are also designed to make the job less frustrating home. All plates have a multi-directional plate made with Alumite to increase the speed and facilitate its use. Other features include vertical steam and anti-drip technologies as well as more powerful vaporizers equipped with Continuous Steam and Power Shot technologies.

The Latest in Weight Loss Treatment in UK

With so few licensed slimming pills in the market it is vital that one seeks the advice of his physician before experimenting with anything can be purchased to facilitate weight loss. Treatments that have not been approved for the license are sold everywhere even in health stores.

Because the companies that manufacture them have not sought the approval of appropriate regulatory agencies, their drugs are not tested by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) here in the UK. This means that no one can be some of the contents of these drugs or what effects they have on unsuspecting who are dieting.

It is quite accidental when you have found an ‘herbal’ drug containing large amounts of drugs should only be available under medical prescription. In an ideal world all health supplements are regulated by the appropriate and soon they will be.

At the moment it is advisable to take only prescribed treatments for weight loss or any other situation in fact. Side effects are usually experienced while taking most of the prescription drugs but if they are prescribed by a doctor; This means that regular follow-ups and monitoring are field pair.

Those who have a BMI over 30 and who are at a stage where nothing has worked and where surgery is looking as the only option, are sometimes prescribe phentermine. This is a very potent and addictive drug often in cases and resembles an amphetamine. Phentermine should be taken only in such circumstances.

Qnexa, the latest hopeful treatment to be considered by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a treatment contains topirimate and phentermine however this new formulation has not been proven to cause any of the side effects associated with phentermine in the past.

It is not only drugs that need the approval of fad diets are potentially harmful. The HCG diet is everywhere raving the media, celebrities are raving and even some doctors are raving. This diet is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and many say that the only reason people are seeing results (weighing 1 pound loss per day) is up to 500 calories a daily diet that should accompany injections of The hormone.

Advocates contend that the HCG diet will be rid of weight in ‘diet-resistant’ areas in the body like flabby arms thighs and belly of beer but no evidence has been put together to support this claim.

In addition to the lack of information we have on the effects of this type of long-term diet and nutritional malpractice that is based on cost is astronomical. The syringes and hormone will run the monthly bill up to somewhere in the thousands, but I guess the expenditure on food will be considerably lower than it makes this indulgence a little more affordable.

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